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Conversations I Wish I Had is a touring phone booth that creates the opportunity for participants to talk to someone in their life who has died — whether they knew them, loved them, admired them (or not). 

It asks the question: If given the chance to pick up the phone and talk to someone who has died, what would you say?

The phone booth is a private, fully collapsable, sound proof(ish) phone booth for you to have the conversations you wish you had. Here, anything goes: the simple, the profound, and maybe even the profane. We provide the space. The conversation is all yours.*

The conversation of death + dying is for everyone. Together, we can bring this topic out in the open and away from the dusty, cobwebbed corner of society where it often lives.

*Participants have the option of recording their conversation for an upcoming Conversations I Wish I Had Podcast (anonymously, if preferred).

Interested in hosting? Know someone who is? Wonderful. Please get in touch for more information!


We're currently planning a nationwide Conversations I Wish I Had tour. We'll share more info, soon!


Conversations I Wish I Had has shown up in art galleries, a museum, art walks and private events and festivals, including Little Space Gallery in the Arts District of Los Angeles, pARTake Art Walk by The Lab in Orange County, The Museum of Art and History in Santa Cruz, Reimagine End of Life by OpenIdeo, San Francisco Decompression, and on the UC Santa Cruz campus.