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What does it mean to live?
What does it mean to die?

Through candid conversation, investigative storytelling, and personal narrative, the DIEalogue podcast is an exploration of the small but meaningful remnants of loved ones that get left behind, the hidden complexities of the post-death process, and stories that make us realize this conversation is for everyone.

Together, we dig into the hard, the happy, and the unspoken as we explore some of life’s most universal questions through the lens of life’s most universal end. 

Release date TBA.

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Episode 1, Living for Now: What does it mean to be alive? What does it mean to die? In this episode we share the story of people whose lives changed — for better or for worse — after being diagnosed with a medical illness.

Episode 2, Our Digital Selves: Keeping people's voicemails, text messages, and social media accounts after someone has died often feels like keeping a part of them alive. This episodes explores technology's significance in holding on to our loved ones, and explores what happens when we lose the digital pieces they left behind.

Episode 3, With Minutes to Live: In January 2018, residents of Hawaii received an alert on their phone saying there was a ballistic missile heading their way. It wasn't a drill. This episodes explores how people reacted to this alert, knowing they had minutes to live.