Hi, I'm Morgan, Founder of Death Dialogue.

I'm a strong believer that death is not a dirty word and is a topic worthy of conversation. In 2012 I got a call from my dad saying my mom, whom I had seen just two days prior, was dead. With nothing to lose, I packed up my things and traveled the world. I was looking for an escape, what I found was connection. In every country I visited, I found stories of people who had lost loved ones and were questioning their mortality. I returned from that trip dedicated to telling those stories and talking about death and dying in a world that doesn’t. 

My work spans multiple platforms and conversations: I write, teach a grief expression workshop, and create interactive art installations and social experiments for people to engage with this conversation and each other. I've been accepted to Ideas Island for this summer — an island retreat in Sweden where people are invited to work on their ideas for free — where I have plans to create a podcast series. When I'm not trying to convince people to read William Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying, I live and travel in my 1970 VW bus named Bessie.

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