Death Dialogue

Death Dialogue


Status: Upcoming (Booking now!)

What do you do with a 1970 VW van and a collapsible phone booth? You hit the road! The Dialogue Box-- a collapsible and sound proof(ish) telephone box-- asks the question: If given the chance to pick up the phone and talk to someone who has died, what would you say?



Status: Ongoing

What started as an ongoing joke between friends and family that no one should every ask me for a book recommendation (“because they’re all about death and will make you depressed”), turned into a Free Library on my VW van, curated with all of my favorites books on death, dying, mortality, and life. With the exception of Wild, I’ve read and selected every book in the library. If my friends and family won’t read them, someone will!



Status: Interviews Ongoing; Release date TBA

There are so many mediums that can share these conversations on death and dying. I'm collecting oral stories and conducting in-person interviews to share on my upcoming podcast DIEalogue, an exploration of the small but meaningful remnants of loved ones that get left behind, the hidden complexities of the post-death process, and stories we all share that make us realize this conversation is for everyone.



Status: Upcoming

Ideas Island is an island in Sweden where people go to work on their ideas for free. The catch? You have to be invited after filling out an application. I’ve been invited to Ideas Island for summer 2018 and plan to work on my podcast.



Status: Annually (first launched May 2017)

This project started as a simple idea: what if people on different sides of mother and child loss call each other on Mother's Day? People signed up and were matched with the goal of sharing grief on a day where the rest of the world only experiences celebration.