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Conversations I wish I had

(Booking now for 2018)

Last summer I traveled around California hosting Conversations I Wish I Had, a chance to talk to people in our lives-- whether we knew them, loved them, admired them (or not)-- who have died. For Spring and Summer 2018, I'm doing it all over again. All conversations take place in private telephone booth that I’ve been calling The Dialogue Box.

It ask the question: If given the chance to pick up the phone and talk to someone who has died, what would you say?

The Dialogue Box is a private, fully collapsable, sound proof(ish) phone booth for you to have the conversations you wish you had. Here, anything goes: the simple, the profound, and maybe even the profane. We provide the space. The conversation is all yours.*

The conversation of death + dying is for everyone. Together, we can bring this topic out in the open and away from the dusty, cobwebbed corner of society where it often lives.


*Participants have the option of recording their conversation for SoundCloud (anonymously, if preferred).

who can host

Photo by The Lab Anti Mall

Photo by The Lab Anti Mall

The Dialogue Box is easy to transport, which means it can be set up almost anywhere. From the coziness of your living room, the corners of your favorite coffee shop, to the promenade of your favorite beach, the possibilities of places to host Conversations I Wish I Had is endless. If you want to host an event in your living room, or if you own or manage a coffee shop, museum, interesting venue and are interested in creating the space to talk about death, let's chat.

If you, too, are excited about bringing the conversation of death and dying to light but don't have hosting capabilities, i'd still love to hear from you; let's find a way to work together.


Look through the options below, and then reach out using the contact form at the bottom of the page so we can discuss further details!


A pop-up is pretty straightforward and exactly as it sounds. You tell me when + where and I’ll, quite literally, pop-up The Dialogue Box at your location. Pop-ups can happen in store-fronts, at events or festivals, and outdoor venues. I'll be there the entire time to answer questions and guide participants. All I need from you is a date and a time.


More work, more fun! Co-hosting an event means more than just setting up The Dialogue Box--it means inviting our communities to use the phone booth and interact with each other in real life. Events can include letter writing, workshops (inquire for more info on the ones I lead), or people gathering around coffee and tea and conversations.


Use your imagination! This is the chance to use the Dialogue Box around a specific topic that affects or has affected the cities I'll be visiting or for people to host private events around a specific person or profession.


Seriously! Got an idea for the phone booth that doesn’t quite fit any of the above? Send me your ideas! Not sure which option is right for you? Let's chat!


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2/10/18- Pop-up with a Bay Area Museum (more info soon!)



Conversations I Wish I Had has shown up in art galleries, art walks and private events, including Little Space Gallery in the Arts District of Los Angeles, pARTake art walk by The Lab in Orange County, SF Decompression, and on the UC Santa Cruz campus. 


If you own or manage a coffee shop, museum, fun venue, or festival, and want to host an event or pop-up, fill out the form below. You'll hear from me soon! Have a connection with any of the above or know the peeerfect place for this kind of thing? Please do the same!

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